Astrology Consultations

Astrology Consultations


Using your natal chart with transits as a map of potential, Cassandra offers guidances and gives options for making positive changes. The wisdom of the chart may help in connecting you with your true talents and capabilities and to help facilitate engagement with your deeper life’s purpose.

If you are experiencing obstacles or difficulties in your life, an Astrology reading can reveal how to make things easier and show a clearer way forward. These consultations may help resolve questions involving love, relationships, family, work, relocation, travel, creative endeavors, health, past lives, and patterns of behavior.

These are 30 minute, 60 minute, or 90 minute consultations in person, or by Phone/Skype/FaceTime/or Zoom meeting.

For all astrology readings, you will receive a copy of your birth chart with signs, planets, houses, aspects, and the current transits via email.

Dreaming at the Crossroads: Journey into the Heart of Your Chart

Feeling stuck? Let’s journey into your rich inner realms and dialog with the mysteries in your Astrological natal chart. These are fascinating inner guided travels that explore your own spontaneous imagery and personal archetypes. An Astrology imagery journey facilitates deep insights and understanding and may release outdated psychic and energetic blocks. No knowledge of Astrology needed. Send your birth date, time and place and bring an open mind and a sense of adventure to this 90 minute session. 

 By Phone/Skype/FaceTime/or Zoom meeting.

Cassandra Boyd is an Evolutionary Astrologer using methods based in Spiritual and Psychological studies and trainings.

To schedule an appointment, click contact tab above, phone: 917-686-2447 or email

All readings are done for entertainment purposes only and are not a substitute for financial, legal, occupational, psychological, or medical counseling.