“Of all of the tarot readings I’ve had, my readings with Cassandra have been the most meaningful and I find myself thinking about all that we discussed for a long time afterward. What I have discovered through our time together has been invaluable to me for both my personal and professional life. She is a gifted and intuitive professional reader with a gentle and clear-sighted presence. Having her read for me is a gift for my own personal discovery and self-understanding. I have referred several friends to Cassandra for readings and they have all come away feeling the same as I do.” – Kateri Ewing, NY

“Cassandra is a marvelous reader. I was very pleased with my reading and several things have come to pass that were ‘in the cards.’ I am looking forward to another session in the future.” -LWR, NY

“I had great pleasure and comfort with my reading with Cassandra. It definitely was enjoyable. I look forward to putting forth the effort to see through the ideas and dreams of which we spoke about. Her reading had the ring of truth as well as insight and I feel privileged that she was able to give me a reading. -TJ, CA

“Cassandra’s readings are like a massage for the soul.”- E.V., NY

“Spirit told you that I’ll be moving my business to M_ Street, with a storefront in W_, with super convenient parking, a beauty salon nearby, and pink flowers. The space I found met all the criteria. I was waiting for warmer weather to see what color flowers will be there and found this image today [there are pink flowers out front]. Wow you are such a gifted psychic. Thanks for your insight.” -B.C., NY

“The Tarot reading I received from Cassandra Boyd provided invaluable guidance of some issues I was dealing with. Amidst what has been a long and difficult time, I sought her out to obtain clarity and learn if anything would ever be resolved. The perspective she provided helped make sense of the situation and enabled me to more practically and insightfully evaluate it. Her reading has been a huge consolation and has given me reassurance to stay on course and continue to pay attention to my guides, trusting that the Universe is supporting and assisting me and everyone else involved. Spirit moved me to seek Cassandra out for another point of view and she was able to assure me that better days are ahead for me. I am very grateful to her input.”
– J.M.O., Williamsville, NY


“Working with Kiarna is a very gentle process. Her attention to my comfort and feeling of safety and well being were apparent before our session even began. She helped to clear some very deep and intense residual energy from past traumas. Her process is gentle and non-invasive and yet I felt like we cleared a lot in a very short time. Her knowledge, depth of feeling, and focused attention in the moment make me feel safe, and in very good hands.” -David B.

“The healing method practiced by Kiarna was both powerful and helpful. I feel she is able to grasp the heart of the situation and read to the depth of the spiritual psyche. She offered insights and guidance that I felt were relevant to my struggles, and from them I was able to gain a more grounded peace of mind rooted in action. Non-invasive and respectful, Kiarna required little from me, but delivered powerful results.”  – Josiah E., Belfast, ME

“The energy work that I received from Kiarna was so helpful to my vitality and well being. I felt safe and respected in our workings. She was kind and she listened to my perspective and thoughts.  As a practicing witch for twenty-five years, I have experienced many healing modalities and energy workings. This was some of the clearest I have experienced. The energetic attack was severed and healing was felt immediately. Without the keen and cunning knowledge from Kiarna I would still be suffering. I feel lighter and whole again.” – Marie

“First, I want to thank you for the session we had. Your work is gentle, private, thoughtful, powerful and most helpful. I did not really learn something new, but was set free of all of the blocks that I knew I had. Without our session I do not think I could have ever felt this free. When I got home to NH, I took a lovely rainy day to rest and digest what I had experienced. There was no more stress coming up at the thought of writing. I woke this morning ready to begin again.”- Marty


“Kiarna has done geomancy work for me on several occasions. She is a remarkable practitioner — no matter what the situation and no matter how challenging it is, Kiarna gets positive results. She is professional, knowledgeable, and, most importantly, compassionate. I can’t recommend her highly enough.” -LC

“We had a couple of issues with water around our house. One issue we had with our well water was that it was high in manganese. So our water had a rotten egg tinge to the smell and taste. As it turns out manganese is offensive to the senses before it’s harmful to your health. We were filtering our water which made it taste fine, but we decided to ask Kiarna to treat our well and see if there was anything she could do. It’s been going on six years now, our water no longer tastes of manganese, and we continue to give thanks every day for our good water and Kiarna’s skill and talent. She was able to treat our well and coach us into developing a deeper relationship with the water around us in the landscape. Through her geomancy talents and her ability to coach us into a deeper connection to our source of water, our family’s health and well-being has increased. In fact, we take our water wherever we go during the day because we know that our water is now better than most. Through this process we have remembered how vital it is to drink good water. Six years later, our water tastes great and we give thanks for it every day.” – Jesse Watson, Portland, ME

“I highly recommend Kiarna. She is a knowledgeable and approachable geomancer with a strong sense of balance in both the spiritual and mundane realms. She has depth of knowledge and her work is careful and thorough. She has creative problem solving abilities and a talent for putting her clients at ease.” -Lynn Van Syckle

All readings are done for entertainment purposes only and are not a substitute for financial, legal, occupational, psychological, or medical counseling.