Geomancy is defined as ‘divination by Earth’ and has two distinct modern forms and related practices.

Classical Geomancy is the act of divination using marks on the earth created and interpreted by the diviner. Modern Classical Geomancers utilize a variety of techniques drawn from ancient, world-wide traditions.

Geomancy as a practice within the Western Earth Mysteries tradition is the interpretation of subtle forces in the landscape. Using a combination of pattern recognition and divination techniques, this form of Geomancy frames all landscape as Sacred, and seeks to bring harmonious and disharmonious aspects into focus for deeper understanding and respectful alteration.

The practice of Western, or European-American Geomancy, is often compared to Chinese Feng Shui. However, there are significant differences in technique, language, and cosmological views. Water dowsing as taught within European-American culture is considered the foundational skill of a Western Geomancer.

Trained in the modern European-American Earth Mysteries tradition, Kiarna Boyd is a Western Geomancy consultant for individuals, families, communities, and businesses. She views all land as Sacred. Assisting her clients via on-site work, teaching, and remote sessions, Kiarna supports the individual to strengthen their connection and unique experience of Land, People, and Place.

Her clients include Permaculture practitioners, Biodynamic and organic farmers, home owners, apartment dwellers, business property owners. She also assists other spirit workers from diverse backgrounds and traditions.

As privacy is considered essential to a respectful relationship, all client cases are kept confidential unless the individual client expressly wishes to publicly recommend her work.

Teaching classes on Sacred Landscape Design is one of Kiarna’s favorite ongoing projects. Currently based in the USA, she can usually be found hiking in the mountains looking for Fortean weirdness, astronomical alignments, and sacred sites.

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